Catch up!

Come on people… Catch up!

It has been far too long since I have written for you guys… So much has happened and there is so very much to tell.

Where do I begin?

Lets start right here and work backwards. I am currently working a temp job as a surveyor. I’m just waiting to start my new job! I’m very excited to be stepping up in my career.

This year so far has been an absolute roller coaster of events and emotional turmoil. This isn’t an over-exageration! I started the year in a great job, now I am temping. I won’t go into the details, but I have learnt so much regarding loyalty and trust within employment. It was a major learning curve for me both professionally and personally.

My redundancy period was quite a pleasant time really. Hot summer… lots of time in the garden… lots of long dog walks, and we all know the type of shoes that I wear whilst walking the dog… (But wait…)!!! No blogs, no diary entry of shoes whilst out walking… Why?

photo (2)  Green spikes

I have been wearing flat shoes for most of the last 14 months… Yes flat shoes… I’m not happy or proud of this fact at all. I fell  and broke my right ankle whilst camping last summer after the most enjoyable day drinking cider in a pub garden, with my gorgeous husband. I may have been a little bit tipsy when we left, I made it over the first fence stile into the fields and put my foot wrong and heard a very audible “crack” the pain from the break surely sobered me up instantly! Then the panic of how we were going to make it back to our campsite with the dog in tow ensued… The Husband was all for phoning the air ambulance and having me air lifted out! Not an option for me…  We stumbled back slowly with a few piggy backs and lots of noise! We made it back to the campsite eventually and a nice bottle of red saw me through the night before we went for x-rays when we got home.  Believe me when I tell you all that I tried so hard to wear my heels, against all advice from a nurse that wore “crocs” yuck! But my ankle just wasn’t strong enough and I have been limited to mostly flats.

Pub shoes.2

There is light at the end of the tunnel however! I have started to wear mid height heels to work. Being a site based surveyor I do spend an awful lot of time in safety boots, but I have tottered in and tottered home with my heels stowed under my desk safe and sound whilst I’m out! If I ma feeling particularly brave I will wear my big heels to wear from the car to the office and vice versa.

Amandas Shoes-38

As I have said before, my shoes can make my mood for the day. Now that I am back to (almost) full capacity I feel that it’s time to bring out the sparklies! I’ve already decided that on my first day in my new job I will be wearing my bright red Dorothy heels! AND THEY WILL LOVE IT!

Amandas Shoes-9

I hope this has given you a little insight into what has been happening. Hopefully you’ll forgive me and look out for my next blog coming soon.


The Dark Side

We all have a dark side, but how could you describe that or portray that through your shoes…?

Shoes2 -24

Long thigh high boots? Maybe a pair of spiky stilettos? Bare feet even? although I’m not entirely sure if that would be a dark mood? I always associate bare feet with summer and sand and sea and walking along the beach with sand in-between your toes!

Do you let your shoes govern your mood, or does your mood govern your shoe choice? My mood definitely governs my shoe choice for the day, which, being a woman, is not ideal… Our moods can switch in a matter of seconds… Nano seconds even! But if I am feeling low or down, I tend to reach for my sparkly shoes. They brighten up my mood and make me smile whenever I look down! Plus, I get really positive comments and vibes from people when I am wearing unusual shoes!

Shoes2 -3

There is nothing better than sitting on a packed tube train, surrounded by miserable city workers… With the biggest smile on my face and the sparkliest pair of shoes on my feet! Yes, I dare to smile on my morning commute and I challenge you not to catch my smile or to see what I am smiling at and smile yourself!

Shoes2 -4

Engagement Shoes

Bugger the ring!

Propose to me with a pair of shoes!

Yes people… That ever so gorgeous hunk of a boyfriend has asked me to marry him!
I didn’t hesitate in saying Yes! In fact I said yes 10 times over!

Alas he didn’t propose with a pair of shoes… Now that would have been amazing! The proposal happened over cocktails… He moved in a little closer, put his arm around me, and whispered in my ear:

“I know I said I’d never get married again… But… Would you consider ever being my wife?”

Oh my goodness! We’ve had discussions in the short time that we have been together. Discussions that have mainly consisted of, Him: I’m never getting married again. Once is enough… Me: I’m never getting married… I’ve never been the marrying type.

But shock horror! (Not that it was a horrible thing), I looked into his eyes, into those fabulously blue sparkly eyes, and I saw the one person that I have found worthy to share the rest of my life with. That one person that I now know I can’t live without.

Just so you know… He did present me with an engagement ring, we went for lunch to the place where we first set eyes on each other, and he presented me a ring that he had designed himself, with a little input from me of course. We had it made out of sentimental pieces of family jewellery which makes this ring so much more personal to us and what our partnership stands for.

Ok… Mushy stuff over! So, engagement shoes: if I was to expect a pair of shoes in place of an engagement ring. They would be these:

Engagement Shoes

Who wouldn’t want a man on one knee presenting these beauties?!? What a way to begin a lifetime of happiness with the one you love, who understands your every (shoe) need.

Toasting the special event I would need these! Champagne Shoes

Piper-Heidsieck commissioned shoes… How amazing is that heel… What a marvellous creation.

The wedding plans are in full swing… I have my wedding shoes and they are, of course, very high and extremely sparkly! I cannot say too much as this will give away the surprise! I pick my dress up this week. My headdress is complete and boxed, the underwear has been fitted and is also boxed and ready to go also. I just need my gorgeous man to meet me at the altar to say “I Do!”

Would you rather receive a pair of shoes instead of a traditional engagement ring?



Shoes fit for the office…

I post lots of pictures of my everyday shoes onto twitter. I also post lots of pictures of shoes that I shouldn’t wear everyday!

I have shoes in my collection that are so pretty, but are also the most painful shoes ever! But I will still wear them! I’ll let you in to a little secret… Sometimes I take them off before the end of the day and wear my slippers for a while in the office…

Amandas Shoes-26

But if I have a meeting, or have to go out, then of course… Back on they go and I hide my wincing until I can take them off again!


These are the normal height for office shoes. A height that I can usually wear all day long!

Shoes2 -2 12.03.13 Personal phone 1058

I actually have a pair of shoes that make my feet bleed before I have even left the house! I swear… The culprits are extremely high too, not really the best choice for work-wear so I don’t wear them that often, but they are so pretty!

Shoes2 -17

Office shoes? What would you define as acceptable office shoes? For me, it really all depends on what kind of office you work in; Laminate floors, wooden floorboards, a big open plan office space, warehouse, high-rise, city offices… Also, who are you sharing your office space with? High shoes probably wouldn’t be acceptable when you are predominantly working with older men of a nervous disposition…? (Or maybe that’s your thing)?

I kinda have the best of both worlds with my day job. I have a mix of site visits, office time and meetings in other people’s offices, hence the safety boots, and various other pictures of me travelling or with my feet up on my desk:

Amandas Shoes-38

And I can work for weeks without leaving the office. Or I sometimes have to commute into London for meetings or industry lunches, so I have to plan accordingly (See previous post; Networking in London with the Big Boys).

Let me know what you think of everyday office shoes? Flat, high, plain, sparkly, boots, sandals? What’s your preference to wear? What’s your preference to see…?

A xx

Boyfriend shoes

Boyfriend shoes… Not my boyfriends shoes…! (He mainly wears trainers as he is an athlete)!

Shoes that I purchase with The Boyfriend in mind! (and yes… you did read the above comment correctly! I have snagged myself an athlete)! When we first started going out he was quite conscious of the fact that he mainly wore trainers whenever he met me, but I didn’t really mind. I would have been worried if his glittery pumps outshone mine! He wears smart shoes and has some nice casual style boots too, it’s nice to go out with a guy who wears nice shoes. He has different styles and colours. His trainers, however, are bright red & yellow! I don’t think I can pull off a pair of shoes that would match those… I did purchase a bright pink pair of trainers, not for training you understand… For walking the dog mainly. These seem to make him feel better when we are wearing our trainers together… Not actually training together! I’ll leave the training to him. I enjoy watching him far more than competing myself!

When it comes to buying shoes for The Boyfriend, it’s simple really, he loves anything high! The boyfriend loves high heels… Which is kinda a good thing, because I love buying and wearing high heels! A match made in heaven…? I think so!

I also love sending him pictures of me in the heels that I have bought or am wearing with him in mind.

These were purchased because he made an off the cuff comment that I don’t have many pink shoes! They’re not particularly high… But incredibly pink!

These are my particular favourites at the moment! And I know that The Boyfriend loves them too!

Shoes2 -5

Plus, they go well with my new flowery dress!

Waiting for the lift

The only thing I need to be mindful of is that The Boyfriend is 5’9″ so my heels can never be too high… I still like to look up to him, you know it’s always nice to gaze up longingly at the man who has your heart… better that than looking down at them over your glasses… With “that” look. So my shoe purchases from now on, will be capped at 5″ I think that’s a reasonable compromise. ;0)


Pub shoes

Pub shoes… What does that make you think of? Comfy trainers? Smart dress shoes? Shiny black shoes with laces?

I remember watching a short TV programme with a presenter who has disappeared into reality TV infinity now… But the entire programme was all about how Pubs have changed the face of trainers; in the olden days, you could visit a pub on a friday night, with your jeans & trainers on and sit have a sociable pint/fruit based drink for the ladies… and carry on with your evening… Nowadays though, it’s all change. You can’t get into a busy town pub with jeans and trainers on… Black jeans? maybe… smart trainers…? Maybe too…

Pub shoes.2

Smart trainers? These aren’t training trainers… they’re not bright coloured converse or your Nike classics. Smart trainers are pub shoes! Brown or dull muted colours… invariably leather or suede in finish and they can be worn with trousers or (smart) jeans. What’s the point in that?!?! I suppose this is OK for the modern-day male who frequents the town public house on a regular basis… But why in the world would I want to have a pair of shoes that blend in…? I don’t get it!

Pub shoes.1

My pub shoes are conversation starters! I like to draw attention to the accessories that are on my feet! I love wearing my bright shoes that sparkle and catch the light! Even on a Sunday in the pub garden, sat having a respectable drink with The Mother & Father… Bold bright shoes will always be found on my feet!

custom made hot pink glitter converse with swavroski crystals-f68514 Amanda's Charity Night-33Pub shoes of choice!

These will also suffice: Amandas Shoes-20

Oh… And these go ever so well with Jeans! Thank you Mr Doorman! Amandas Shoes-22

Walking the Dog

On a recent trip to The Isle of Wight to visit my Cousin I had the best late birthday present EVER! Imagine my surprise when she pushed a big black box accross the able towards me… I never imagined that these would be hiding under the black shredded paper!!!!

Green spikes

How very Me!

Naturally I put them on straight away and I love them! They are gorgeous! I gave them the ultimate test and took the dog for a walk in them!


Now, if I were at home, this wouldn’t be a challenge… Where I was staying, as you can see, was rural, lawns, gravel paths and decking… In stilletoes? It was tough… But I managed to stay upright!

Travelling shoes

My travelling boots are on their last legs, and this saddens me. These boots are the most comfortable boots I own and I have had them for nearly 10 years! Wow! I have had them re-heeled countless amounts of time, once I had them reheeled twice in one month! Well, it was November and I had done an awful lot of christmas shopping! I got told off when I bought them, as I was heavily pregnant… But, they are still here and no harm was done to my then bump and my now nearly 10yr old!

What are your favourite shoes? Do you even have favourites?

A xx